Why choose Jefferson Wells?

It is the candidate's market, and the choice of recruitment partner is therefore of great importance. All our recruitment consultants have solid expertise in both IT and recruitment and take the pulse of the market's needs and candidates' expectations every day. In addition, we take ethics seriously - for eleven years in a row, we have been named the most ethical company in our industry. We believe that this combination of competence and experience provides the best prerequisite for successful employment.

Customized solutions

We customize our solutions for you and take everything from individual recruitment assignments to larger deliveries. You get a flexible and agile work model that can be scaled up or down. Our customers come from all industries in the private and public sector and range from large listed companies and public agencies to small start-up companies.

Expertise in the IT industry
The industry is constantly evolving, and so are we by keeping up to date on relevant knowledge. Because our consultants exclusively recruit IT expertise, our recruitment and testing tools are specialized for this. In other words, you can be sure that we will find and select the most suitable candidates for your needs.
Finds and attracts relevant candidates
Depending on what competencies and skills you need, we use different methods and channels to find relevant candidates and recruit them. We search a large number of databases in addition to our own large candidate system. Every year we interview over 400 IT specialists, so we have very good knowledge of the candidate market. Our advisors use targeted advertising in both traditional, digital and social media, and we have a systematic selection process.
Recruitment expertise
We have professional expertise in recruitment and we prioritize continuous competence development and development of our mapping and recruitment tools. We use certified ability and personality tests in an appropriate manner.
Positions we recruit for

Most of our customers need help at the intersection of IT and business, and then we can provide system developers with cloud expertise, IT architects and technical project management. Here you will find an overview of all positions we recruit for.

1. Management
Tech Lead
Operations Manager
Scrum Master
Test Leader

2. System development
C ++
Test Developer

3. Project management
Technical Project Manager
Project Manager

4. Finance / IT
ERP consultant
Business Analyst
Data Warehouse
Data Management

5. Infrastructure

6. Architecture
Solution Architect
Business Architect
Information Architect

7. Business Development
Product Owner
Digital Designer

8. Security
Security Architecture
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Finance Consultants

Whether you need professional consultants or interim managers for financial and business management, we have the right expertise for your needs.



Whether you need technical expertise in design and engineering or project management, we ensure that you get the right expertise for your business needs