Why choose Jefferson Wells?

Over 45 years in the recruitment industry has given us valuable experience, and we have built up a large network you can benefit from. All our recruitment consultants have solid expertise in both technology and recruitment and take the pulse of the market's needs and candidates' expectations every day. We believe that this combination of competence and experience provides the best prerequisite for successful employment.

Leading-edge expertise in the technology industry

Because our consultants exclusively recruit engineers and other professional expertise in technology, our recruitment and testing tools are specialized for this. You can therefore be confident that we will find and select the most suitable candidates for your needs. Subject areas we recruit for:

Transport and infrastructure
We have extensive experience with major recruitment projects for both builders, contractors and consulting engineers. Our customers are some of the largest names in the transport investment in Norway.
Life Science
In recent years, we have become a significant player in the field of life science. We have recruited entire teams, technical leaders and specialists for HSE and research.
Through our long experience in the construction industry, we have built up a large network of both candidates and partners. The industry benefits from this when we recruit candidates for significant projects, such as developing a plot for a senior center or new city districts.
Consulting engineering services
We have recruited project managers and a large number of consulting engineers for professional environments of various sizes. Especially in Oslo and the eastern parts of Norway, there has been a lot of activity within transport and infrastructure and building and construction. We have gained broad insight into different types of expertise in the market and know who to recruit and how to build a team so that you can meet tomorrow's needs and demands.
Oil and energy
We want to contribute to the green shift in the oil and energy industry. It is motivating to work with partners who also want to challenge the established in order to develop a cleaner future. Several large companies in the industry use our expertise, including operating companies, power companies and suppliers of equipment, services and technology.

Finance Consultants

Whether you need professional consultants or interim managers for financial and business management, we have the right expertise for your needs.



Whether you need technical expertise in design and engineering or project management, we ensure that you get the right expertise for your business needs.