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Our combination of experienced consultants with cutting-edge expertise in financial and business management, project employees and partners gives you flexibility and competitive conditions. We identify your needs and put together the best solution for you to reach your goals.

What can we help you with?

Among our customers are listed corporations with complex challenges which place high demands on the hired expertise. We specialize in five subject areas within financial and business management and provide services that cover far more. Our consultants can enter the following roles:

Management for hire
We have extensive experience in delivering managers in financial and corporate governance from accounting managers with limited personnel responsibilities to CFOs in large listed companies. We primarily use our established network of partners for leader roles. We can assist you with the development of strategic goals and frameworks, identification of business opportunities and leading change processes. Establishment of professional management tools for analysis and reporting. Investments and liquidity management. Identify financial value drivers, KPI management and presentation of economic development. Benchmarking, business case, data analysis, preparation of budgets and forecasts. Business development and project management etc.
Business controlling
Within Business Controlling, we have established a team of experienced consultants with broad experience from larger companies in various industries. Typical assignments for us can be to simplify and improve processes with digital investment, develop and improve reporting routines and quality assurance of processes. Identify and develop analyzes and reports on key KPIs. Assist CFO with various decision bases in connection with M&A.
Financial controlling
Our consultants in this field range from those with a few years of experience from auditing to professional resources that can assist you with everything from monthly, quarterly and annual reporting, consolidation, development of processes and routines related to accounting and financial processes.
Project controlling
For some of our customers we have taken over responsibility for the project controllers for both small and large projects. We work with project control regardless of industries and business areas. Within this subject area we have the largest range of expertise with consultants that are newly graduated candidates from NHH to very experienced project controllers in the oil and gas sector. 
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Finance Consultants

Whether you need professional consultants or interim managers for financial and business management, we have the right expertise for your needs.



Whether you need technical expertise in design and engineering or project management, we ensure that you get the right expertise for your business needs.