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Our combination of experienced consultants with cutting-edge expertise in financial and business management, project employees and partners gives you flexibility and competitive conditions. We identify your needs and put together the best solution for you to reach your goals.

What can we help you with?

Among our customers are leading companies in areas such as transport and infrastructure, life sciences, construction and oil and energy - both in the private and public sectors.

Project management and project control
A large proportion of the work we do for our customers is project-based. We contribute with project management in all phases of, and in different types of, projects; from product development via complicated equipment deliveries, to the implementation of major development projects under turnkey contracts.
Electrical engineering, automation and control
Electrical engineering, automation and control systems are included in most products, processes and projects. Through our consultants, we therefore contribute to a number of different customers in everything from the transport of electric power, offshore installations for oil and gas, ventilation systems for ships and buildings, to systems for electric charging of vehicles. This very broad field is also the largest area of practice in technology at Jefferson Wells.
Machine and construction
Mechanical engineers represent perhaps the oldest and most varied of all the technical disciplines. Our mechanical consultants are involved in everything from the design and construction of facilities for subsea production of oil and gas, the design of systems for handling marine exhaust gases, the development of liquid wind power, to the development of electric aircraft engines.
Oil and energy
It is in Norway's largest industry that we find Jefferson Wells' largest customers. We are active in the oil and gas industry, but also in renewable energy and the production of electric power. Among our customers are oil companies, power companies and suppliers of equipment, services and technology.
Transport and infrastructure
Long-term commitment towards the development projects of roads and railways have paid off in the form of framework agreements and exciting opportunities for our consultants and partners across the country. We continue to build our expertise in order to win more customers throughout the value chain in the industry.
The construction industry has a number of exciting challenges that must be solved in addition to the construction process itself. Climate adaptation, energy efficiency, automated management and control are some of these that require a mutlidisplin approach and expertise. Jefferson Wells contributes on both the contractor, consultant and client side to both public and private actors.
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Whether you need professional consultants or interim managers for financial and business management, we have the right expertise for your needs.



Whether you need technical expertise in design and engineering or project management, we ensure that you get the right expertise for your business needs.