The board consists of 4 employees under the age of 35, who meet monthly and have a mandate to provide input to and assist the management of Jefferson Wells with solutions to the company's challenges, as well as provide feedback on / test hypotheses. They follow the market and help the management make good choices when it shapes the company, with a special focus on the needs and wishes of young talent. The board is responsible for processing ideas until presentation to the management team.

Benedikte Lund Jefferson Wells
Benedikte Lund
Jefferson Wells Mathias Elvebakk
Mathias Elvebakk
Umid Alem Jefferson Wells
Umid Alem
Ørjan Johnsen
Hege Solbakken
Hege Solbakken
Hege Solbakken
Managing Director Jefferson Wells Norway

“We are in the middle of a hyper-adjustment - and it's more important than ever to get the perspectives from the youngest generation in the company. They often have a different view on issues that I think will be crucial for us. They are not afraid to ask questions and dare to challenge. We need the best minds and therefore give them the opportunity to influence.”